Please note, is officially closed and will not be coming back in any form.  Any person or site claiming to represent in any form, domain, social media, etc. are fake accounts.  ie.

As of June 1 2014, 100% of pro accounts should be fully refunded.  Some processing time may still be required, please let us know if you haven't not received your refund and we will investigate.

If you paid for a Pro account and have yet to receive a refund, please e-mail and include a copy of your original invoice, and a valid paypal account, and we will process your refund as quickly as possible.  For Paypal refunds, please allow up to 30 days for processing. 

If you don't have  a paypal account, please include a valid mailing address, name, & phone number.  Please allow up to 90 days if your payment is refunded via postal mail depending on the country you live in.

Thanks for your support of over the years, we apologize for the inconvenience the site closure has had on all visitors and members of the site.