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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images, website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.
ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgMulticam App

Download the Multicam Web App.
What is it? The Multicam web app is a tool developed to help observe and pray against the demonic chemtrails wherever they may be in the world. It is essentially a webcam and satellite image aggregator and manager. It facilitates the quick creation, organization, and viewing of catalogs of links to live images. It allows the user to watch and refresh live images in a way that is not available anywhere else, because no website currently exists that aggregates and hosts all available live satellite and webcam images and links them together in one place. It allows the user to sort and organize images to their liking and create unlimited categories and lists. Since it is web based, it works on any platform that can run a web server, windows, mac, and linux.

How do I install it? The multicam app is not an executable file or program that you install on your computer. It is also not a website that you access on the internet. It is a series of scripts that run directly from your web browser. Your computer will act as a local web server. In order to get things up and running, you will need to install XAMPP or similar program, which will allow your computer to run Apache and Mysql locally. This basically turns your computer into a web server. The advantages of this enable the user to completely customize the script and add and change it to their liking. Once installed, you may edit the existing DB, add your own cameras, or if you are a software developer, edit the code and add features. The latest version of both the code and the db will be posted here when available, please check back regularly for updates.

May I share and repurpose this script for my own website or other use? This application is entirely free and open source. It is free to download, distribute, and use. If you would like to use this script for your own website, permission is granted to copy and modify as long as it is used for what it was developed for, monitoring the weather. To install, follow the instructions below.

Click to download Multicam 56 (Windows, Mac, Linux) - Updated October 4, 2018
Please note, you will need to update to the latest sql file included in the zip for new features to work.


First time installation instructions
1) Download and install Xampp to run Apache and Mysql on your local machine for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Click here to download Xampp.
2) Download Multicam App from the link above and extract to the following directory (if Windows) or the appropriate directory for Mac or Linux:
3) Launch Xampp and then start Apache and Mysql.
4) Install the camera database by launching phpmyadmin in your browser http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
5) In phpmyadmin, on the left pane, at the top, click "new." On the right, name the new entry "multicam_gallery" and leave the defaults. Then click "Create."
6) Next, click on "multicam_gallery" on the left pane. On the right pane, click "Import." Browse to the Multicam SQL file included in the zip file in phpMyAdmin (the file extension is .sql). Once selected, click "Go."
7) Now you are ready to start using the application. Enter the following URL in your web browser to get started. You might want to bookmark this in your browser for quick access. http://localhost/TimeLapse/MultiCamGallery/index.html
8) Remember, every time you want to use the script, XAMMP needs to be running first, with both the Apache and Mysql options running.

Installation directions image

Instructions for installing website snapshots

A new feature in Multicam53 allows users to take a snapshot of any website and view as an image using PHP and node.js. To get this new feature to work, you need to install Node.js and then install from the script directory.

1) Download and install the latest version of Node.js for windows from Multicam 53 was tested with node.js version 10.1.0, earlier versions may not work. During the install, make sure that node.js is added to your system Path. With Multicam and WebcamRecorder properly installed, your path should contain php, ffmpeg, and now nodejs in addition to whatever was already in your system path: C:\xampp\php;c:\ffmpeg\bin;C:\Program Files\nodejs\

2) After installation is complete, run the command prompt cmd.exe. In the shell, navigate to the screenshot-gen directory. Type the following command "npm install" in the shell and press enter. It should download, do not close the shell until the installation is complete.

cd C:\xampp\htdocs\TimeLapse\MultiCamGallery\proxy\screenshot-gen

then install the node.js script by typing the follwing in the shell and press enter: npm install

3) Increase the max execution time for php for web screenshots that take a while to make. Navigate to C:\xampp\php\php.ini. Update max_execution_time to 120, or larger if your screenshots are not loading. max_execution_time=120

4) Restart apache and mysql in xampp and restart Multicam. You should now be able to view screenshot cameras and add your own.

How to add a new webcam snapshot:
1) Pick a webpage to capture, ie.
2) Encode your url. You can use this tool to encode and decode your urls.

So encoded looks like this:

3) Now add your url to the end after the url= : http://localhost/TimeLapse/MultiCamGallery/proxy/screenshot-gen/screenshot.php?url=


Now you can add this url to multicam as a camera. You can also record this url using webcam recorder.
- Some urls take longer to save than others. If it does not appear immediately, click refresh.
- Multiple urls on the same page sometimes conflict. Avoid adding many image urls to one multicam category.
- If you edit the camera, you will need to re-encode the url.

How to add Cod Images
Cod has images from Goes 16 but not "latest" images to link to. This script gets the latest image based on the url. First, pick the url that you want the latest image from.

1) Pick the url that you want the latest image from:

2) Then encode the url.


3) Now call this url from the php script by pasting the encoded url after the url= :


Now you can add this url to multicam. You can also record this url using webcam recorder.

How to add Noaa Goes East Images
Noaa has images from Goes 16 but not "latest" images to link to. This script gets the latest image based on the url.

1) Pick the url that you want the latest image from:

2) Then encode the url.


3) Now call this url from the php script by pasting the encoded url after the url= :


Now you can add this url to multicam. You can also record this url using webcam recorder.

How to install updates

1) Backup your existing db if you have spent time adding cameras by following the backup instructions below. If you have not edited the DB, then skip this step. Keep in mind that you will have to manually merge or add the cameras that you have added to the updated DB. Alternatively, you could create a separate instance of multicam script, for example, TimeLapse2, and then you would be able to have the latest updates and also maintain your custom version.
2) Delete all of the old files in the TimeLapse folder (C:\xampp\htdocs\TimeLapse)
3) Extract the new files to the TimeLapse folder (C:\xampp\htdocs\TimeLapse)
4) Re-install the latest mysql db included in the Multicam zip folder (look for extension .sql) to get the latest updates. See the instructions below on how to update the mysql DB.

Updating the Mysql DB
1)To update the sql file, navigate to phpmyadmin in your web browser. http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
2) Click on "multicam_gallery" in phpmyadmin, then in the right pane, click the "Drop" button three times, on cameras, categories, and settings.

3) Now re-import the new .sql file extracted from the Multicam zip file. In the right pane of phymyadmin,click on the Import tab on the top row of tabs, then browse to the updated .sql file, then click "Go." Now you have successfully updated the .mysql db and are ready to begin using the script with the latest updates.

Backing up your Mysql DB
Updating to the latest db will cause you to loose any changes that you have made to the db. If you have spent time editing and adding your own cameras, you may want to back your work up before installing the newest version. Below are instructions to backup your .sql file.
1) Navigate to phpmyadmin by entering http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in your web browser. Then click on "multicam_gallery."
2) Check the three checkboxes to the left of "cameras, categories, and settings."
3) Then click the Export tab at top.
4) Then click "Go" and save the file. Now you have a backup of your sql file.


Hidden features
1) When you are hovering over the text "zoom," clicking this link will also refresh the image.
2) If the popup image is covering the "zoom" text, click the popup image to refresh the current image.
3) Press "esc" to exit from a popup image.
4) Mouseover [r] to refresh an image without clicking.

-,= increase, decrease columns.
Esc exits popup image.
Shift + arrow left to go back in pagination.
Shift + arrow right to go forward in pagination.
Ctrl + Shift + arrow left to go back in category.
Ctrl + Shift + arrow right to go forward in category.

Multicam Updates

October 4, 2018 Version 56
- Cache on, off button. This importat addition allows control over browser caching. When cache is set to on, the images cache normally. When cache is on, when you load a page once, and then browse back and forth on the pagination, the images do not reload. When Cache is off, every time the user goes to a different pagination page or category, the images will reload automatically. You will first see the cached image, and then the updated image will load and replace it as soon as it is downloaded by the browser. With Cache set to off, you can be sure that as you navigate around multicam that the images are always the latest and most up to date images.
- Auto Refresh. With auto refresh set, you can set a time for the images to refresh automatically without having to click refresh.
- Preset window configuration buttons. You can click these to quickly jump to a preset number of pagination items and columns. User may now set the number of columns and pagination through the url like this: &columns=3&perPage=6.
- Mobile touch left right swipe to go to next pagination page.
- Updated DB.

August 29, 2018 Version 55
- Pagination slideshow now has an option to "loop all categories" which will automatically advance to the next category when finished with the current category. Alternatively, user may choose to loop the current category, returning to pagination page 1. If set to loop all categories, the user may sit back and watch the script play through all available images in your db on an infinite loop without any user interaction required.
- Pagination slideshow now reads ahead to the next page and downloads the images on the next page so images display faster, if not immediately.
- Display the name of the previous and next category on the previous and next button.
- Category navigation hotkeys - Ctrl Shift + arrow left to go back to the previous category, Ctrl Shift + arrow right to go forward to the next category.
- Sql db contains new cameras and updates.
- Bug fixes.

August 21, 2018 Version 54
- Pagination - Set number of items to display per page and store between sessions.
- Pagination slideshow - Set desired time for each page to play before automatically advancing to the next page.
- Pagination hotkeys - Shift + arrow left to go back, Shift + arrow right to go forward.
- New camera images. The idea behind camera images is to include a satellite weather image along with a transparent overlay image (camera marker and direction). Currently camera overlay images must be manually created in a photo editing program like Photoshop. Camera images are approximate. Camera images will be added in time.
- Toggle to turn on and off camera images.
- Bugfix with categories not displaying correctly.
- Bugfix with lightbox not display all images. All image should now load correctly in the lightbox.
- Caching updates, images should refresh when clicking on a new category.
- Added sql file for WB script. This is experimental but may be useful for some users.

-Note: If there is an empty category with no cameras, the slideshow will stop on that category. To fix this, always have at least one camera per category, or delete the empty category.

May 12, 2018 Version 53
-Added support for movie files, including .mp4. If you are using the webcam recorder app, you can now add your latest.mp4 movies to multicam and view them within the application.
- Updated database files with new cameras and satellite images.
- Added support for several websites that do not have static images with the addition of php scripts.
- Website snapshots have been added using php and node.js. This allows the user to create a snapshot of any website as an image for view withing multicam.

March 16, 2018
Updated ui, adding support for multiple frames. Many times a user might want to view multiple things side by side. Access this ui through the Directory drop down. Compare sites side by side using iFrame. This is using old frames tags, but it gets the job done. If resources permit it will be updated to HTML5 compliant code. You do not need to update mysql db for this update. Copy the contents of the zip over the existing files to pick up the updated version.

February 27, 2018

Updated camera sql, new cameras, new links.

February 16, 2018
Updated code, updated camera sql, new cameras, new links, fixed CA db bug. Fixed jumping ui bug when moving cameras up and down.

February 4, 2018
Updated camera sql, updated code. Many bug fixes, including up|down camera ordering bug. New support for long urls and characters in camera names and links, now links to Real Earth and other maps can be saved. Added support to link local images using "../images". Fixed popup image bug. Mysql db fix. Highly recommended to delete old db and start fresh with this update to avoid bugs.

Disclaimer: Download and use this application at your own risk, this site is not responsible for any damages created by this software. Permission is not granted to use or repurpose this application for anything not related to monitoring the weather.

Things to remember
Webcams rarely work flawlessly one hundred percent of the time. From time to time cameras may go down and stop updating. The operators of these webcams may not always fix them immediately. For this reason, the Multicam script includes a "hide" checkbox where you may hide cameras that have been down for a while. This way they are out of view but are not permanently deleted. Go to the "hidden" link in the directory to unhide these cameras.

When looking at webcam images, it is important to check the timestamp of the images to enusre that the image you are viewing is actually current. Some images do not have timestamps. The script has a "refresh" link beneath each webcam image. If you are looking at a camera and wondering if it is updating, if you click "refresh" and the image does not change after a long period of time, it is likely the camera is down and the image that you are viewing is out of date.

Another strategy to detect down cameras is to load up a location after sunset. If you see cameras that still have daylight in them while most of the other images are dark, you know that that particular camera is not updating.

Webcam refresh rates
Some webcams update frequently, every few seconds, while most update every couple of minutes. Some only update hourly or even more sporadically. Some satellite images, such as Viirs for example, update about once a day.

Static images
Some cameras in the DB are not live, and are marked as such. They might say "static" or "placeholder." These images are there to link to an image that does not have a static url, ie. some satellite images update with the time and date in their file names, making it impossible to link to them directly.

Linking local images
If you wish to store and link to a local image as a placeholder, this is possible by saving the image in the "images" directory within the TimeLapse folder, "C:\xampp\htdocs\TimeLapse\images". Then, instead of linking "" link to "../images/image.jpg" It is important to place "../images/ in front of your image name when adding local images.

Why are there no webcams for my location?
Limited resources do not allow for a comprehensive database of every region. This tool is designed to let you find and add cameras that are relevant to your geographic area. As time goes on, more cameras will be added. Doing a web search for weather and sky webcams in your area will likely yield many results, from which you may add to the database.

How to pray using webcam and satellite images from Multicam and other sources
Review the web cams and satellite images for the day. Take note of where the demonic entities are in the world. Take note of your state and your nation. Where are the demonic entities entering your country? In the US, a frequent entry point is the West Coast, especially California. From here, the demons go across the country. Even though this part of the US has a natural boundary of the pacific ocean, in the spirit realm, there is no such boundary, and we must pray for God to create a mighty wall of angelic protection in these entry points daily. Think of praying spiritual borders around your country and state. The key is to pray against them before the arrive, not when they are already present in your location. You can do this through watching the satellite animations and learning to spot them in the satellite imagery.

A sample daily prayer routine is suggested below.

Wake up in the morning.
Consider dedicating some time to pray through each web cam, and the satellite images each morning for the regions that you are committed to praying for. If you have more time, pray for additional regions of the country and other nations. Can you spend 5, 10, 15 or even 30 minutes praying each morning? It will surely make a huge difference.

Using multicam, you might load up the "Full Disk" view and "Band 13" view to get a sense where the major demonic cloud masses are in the world on that particular day. Then, you might load up some of the loops from these views, or the Slider application, to see where they are headed next. From there, go to the regions that are under the most attack, or the region you are dedicated to praying for, and get to praying.

You might pray from a top-down approach using the satellite images, and then switch to the web cams to pray more targeted and specific prayers.

Even if you see no demonic chemtrails or clouds in the webcams from your location, you might pray BBB BBB BBB Bind for each camera at least once. This will ensure that God's angels are active and in the area each day. Then, if you see demonic chemtrails, clouds and hear the hum, spend more time praying BBB BBB BBB Bind for each webcam image and satellite image. Pray against any demons around the sun, even if there are no demonic clouds present. Use the sun grid method of loosing angels to attack any demons operating in and around the sun.

Throughout the day, consider praying periodically as your schedule permits, especially on heavy attack days.

Before going to bed, you might set aside more time to pray against the demonic entities in the webcams and satellite images in the same fashion.

If there are many demonic clouds headed your way, add additional prayer sessions to your schedule and alert friends to pray with you. Remember, there is a multiplication factor when we pray with more people in one accord.



Pray daily to keep the demonic clouds out of your state and nation using satellite and webcam images.
Physical walls are necessary to keep out the bad guys. Spiritual walls are even more important. Pray an angelic wall of protection around your state and nation daily. Track and find where the demonic clouds are entering and pray against them. Pray specific, targeted, binding and loosing prayers day and night.


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Download the Multicam App.
This is a web script developed to help observe and pray against the demonic chemtrails wherever they may be in the world. It is free to download, distribute, and use. Click to download Multicam (Windows, Mac, Linux) [Mirror] [Mirror]

With the Lord's help these pages exist not for profit or gain, but as a ministry to God's people with ears to hear and eyes to see, so that they will not be ignorant of satan's devices, so they do not perish for lack of knowledge. All honor, power, and glory to Him who loves us. Jesus Christ is Lord.
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